Black and white design with brush stroke and geometric shapes

The making of our OMNI ‘Streaks’ design

‘Streaks’ is a kids only OMNI design. It was designed by kids for kids (with Ryan’s help). On launch, we will offer this design printed on RQ PRODUCT t-shirts, long sleeve tops, sweatshirts and hoodies. We are sourcing our clothes from NZ brand AS Colour. In a follow up welcome post, this blog describes the inside story of the making of the OMNI Streaks design. You get to see our support crew in action, working with Ryan to make the final product.

Brush strokes

Firstly, we started out by setting up Louis with some black paint and a brush. He had no instructions other than to do some big strokes in any way he wanted. His curves and lines were then left to dry before Ryan took photos to mess around with on his computer.

Cutting out shapes

Secondly, we cut out shapes. Support crew member Stella, started by cutting some geometric shapes she was learning about at school. They came in all sorts of shapes, triangles, diamonds, hexagons and sometimes something we had not seen before.

Stella cutting out some shapes

Scanning adventures

Then Ryan brought out the scanner, which is a favourite of activity of Louis. Although Louis took part a bit trying to cut out shapes, he loves the sounds and lights involved with scanning. The scanning involved putting the shapes inside the machine so they could be transferred to Ryan’s computer.

Computer stuff

Then it is Ryan’s turn to do his design work on the computer, putting together the shapes in jigsaw like pattern. The brush strokes painted earlier where then over-layed. Constant consultation took place with Stella and Louis as we finalised placement.

Final OMNI Streaks design

The final design ended up looking great, but the real fun came when we played around with colours. We all chose a wonderfull assortment of colourful t-shirts and saw the black or white print of OMNI Streaks worked well.. Check out the options available!

But wait there is more! OMNI logo prints are also available for kids in some exciting colours….. think magenta, bright yellow prints in winter clothing ranges. We look forward to launching end of June.