The meaning of OMNI by RQ PRODUCT

What would it mean to wear OMNI on clothing?

Are you wondering what OMNI is about and why you might choose to wear a piece of clothing displaying it? In this post, support crew leader Katey describes the concept of OMNI and details how it influenced Ryan as he created designs for RQ PRODUCT clothing.

Defining OMNI

Firstly, let’s take a look at some official definitions. Cambridge dictionary comes up with some synonyms for OMNI, including “something, anything, nothing, and everything”. In other texts, OMNI is defined as “in all places without limits”.

“Learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else”

Leonardo Da Vinci

For Ryan, OMNI helps us to realise that everything is connected. Ryan’s love of sci-fi, the golden ratio and seventies typography strongly influences this understanding. So, let us explore more!

Sci-fi obsessions

As we saw in our welcome post, an obsession with science fiction underpins most RQ PRODUCT. In coming up with ‘OMNI’, Ryan and Katey spent many hours talking about connecting the designs with favourite stories created by Iain Banks, Frank Herbert and movies like Alien.

We threw around many concepts, but endless possibilities came from the concept of OMNI. I, a self confessed nerd, then created an informal advisory group of awesome friends that helped judge our initial ideas. OMNI was a clear winner! (thanks to everyone who put up with me). In particular, it was a way to illustrate the purpose of RQ PRODUCT in connecting things that may seem discrete. For example, time, space, sound, nature…. in …. music, art and clothing.

The golden ratio

The golden ratio used to form OMNI designs

Ryan is preoccupied with the golden ratio, so it often shapes his design. In fact, he sports two tattoos that revolve around it. Ryan explains that its “intimately involved in the design of the OMNI Logo. It is just an aesthetically pleasant ratio that turns up in nature often.”

70’s design aesthetics

As well as the golden ratio, there is another general influence of 70’s typography that sits behind most of RQ PRODUCT. However, I found it a little difficult to get to grips with what it was about 70’s designs that Ryan likes. In sum, it seems it is the general vibe that appeals to him.

The meaning of OMNI is up to you!

To wrap up this post, it is fair to say aspects of Ryan’s design processes are kept securely locked up inside his mind. Just know the key elements are simplicity and that little grainy edge of darkness.

Finally, you have the power to make of OMNI what you like!