New Colours album

On Friday September 4th, I will release my latest ‘New Colours’ album on my bandcamp page and with links here.

New Colours in Ruapuke

New Colours is the first LP solely written here, on our property in Ruapuke on New Zealand’s rural west coast. I am pretty sure you can tell. After 4 years of mountains, ocean and isolation, it is a given that your approach and motivation will change drastically in most aspects of life, including making music.

Mount Karioi on dusk
Mt Karioi

City memories

You may still hear the city and clubs in these tracks. It is in the background, influencing the palette, but not the painting. New Colours is Drum & Bass as seen through the filter of our location; perched on the side of an ancient volcano, Mt Karioi (also known as ‘Wāhine Moe’ or Sleeping Lady). Mt Karioi looks down the valley to the rugged, ever changing Ruapuke Beach and the wild Tasman Sea beyond.

Ryan of RQ Product djing at a gig with light shining behind.
RQ opening for Goldie and Metalheadz

Without the city and it’s clubs, touring DJs and constant sonic collage, other influences take over. Subtle and laid back influences facilitated the space to explore what the genre means to me in this diametric lifestyle. Gone are the days of the mid-’90s, living in the city; attending and playing clubs; scouring record bins for new sounds to play; and, being exposed to fresh music in a way only those of us involved ‘pre-internet’ can imagine. Now, grabbing the latest No U-Turn 12″ has been replaced by digging out some Pharoah Sanders or John (or Alice) Coltrane and DJing in “a club”, playing records for friends on one turntable. Coming up on 50 years old soon doesn’t mean I don’t want to appeal to the dance floor any more. But the further I get from it, the harder it is to engage in a contemporary way.

As I sit down and put my headphones on, the distant echoes of my time in the ‘golden era’ continue to colour my creations.

New Colours album released September 4th 12am – 12am Pacific Time.